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New Design 1091TEU container carrier supervised by CPNF delivered on 12 Jan 2021


New building MV. Consistence (Hull No. SS257) was delivered in Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc. (TZS) on 12 Jan., 2021 to ship owner (a Japanese Owner). As ship owner supervision team, CPNF Site office in TZS set a good Project Team for the series of same owner feed container ships with qualified Chief Engineer Mr.ZHENG Delong as PM (Project Manager), who has container ship operation experiences and container ship supervision experiences. Fron the drawing checking /approving until ship launching, sea trail, delivery, PM memembers have been keeping good coordination with builder and Class, to maintain a good qualiy ship building as per specification.
MV Consistence, 1091TEU, with LBD 146m x 23.25m x 11.5m, GT9,996 well known as Japanmax container ship type. New design includes but not limited, Propeller new design with TOP-GR/MT Fast technology to achieved high efficiency. 


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