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SS215 series supervsion team praised by ship owner


SS215 series include five Areo64BC (64,000dwt Bulk Carrier) and built in Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Building Inc. (TZS China) during 2016-2020, supervised by CPNF Site Office in TZS MX project team, Project Manager by Experienced Enginner Mr.YU Chengfeng and Chief Engineer Mr.ZHENG Delong successively.

MX Bulk management as ship owner, accepted and prasied ship builing quality and supervision performace for the project SS215 series (SS215, 216, 217, 218, 219). The five ships completed and delivered the last ship in May of 2020. Since CPNF Site Team good performance and cooperation with ship owner (MX Shipping), CPNF Site team has got an new appointment as owner supervision team again for the new order ships - three 82 BC (Kansarmax bulk carriers) in TZS estimated steel cut in 2020.


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